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Firefly Aerospace

Firefly was created for one simple reason: provide economical, high-performance space launch capability for the under-served small satellite market, where secondary-payload launches are often the only option. The technologies employed in our state-of-the-art rockets provide a clear pathway for future incremental improvements in vehicle capability. Later vehicles will also have reusable elements and employ air-breathing propulsion.

Small satellites are playing an increasingly significant role in space. Smaller, lighter and cheaper satellite technologies have led to functional systems that are a fraction of the size of their predecessors. Meanwhile, constellations of small satellites are showing promise for replacing larger custom-built systems, thus providing redundancy and the ability to regularly refresh system technology. Lastly, many advanced technologies languish at middle TRL levels. Low cost rides to space will allow these technologies to be proven and advance our collective space-flight capabilities.


2018 Qual Testing

8 months ago

Commencing stage qualification testing was one of Firefly’s primary goals for 2018. Mission accomplished! This video shows a recent...


Firefly Lightning Engine Hotfire

11 months ago

Alpha second stage “Lightning” engine development test demonstrating steady state operation of pump-fed tap-off cycle engine....


Reaver Engine Hotfire

1 year ago

Four Firefly “Reaver” engines, with a combined thrust of 165 klbf, power the first stage of the Firefly Alpha launch vehicle. This...